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Thomas Jefferson, September 6, 1789

"History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives"

Abba Eban

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Getting around



From Ezeiza International Airport to the Conference venue (FIUBA)

FIUBA address (the conference venue) is Paseo Colón Avenue 850, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. As it is 31 km from Ezeiza Airport, the most suitable transport would be by taxi or shuttle bus:

  • Taxis stations are available at every airport exits. Use the white taxi Ezeiza which should take around 35 minutes and can cost around 450 Pesos or ARS (24€). 
  • Private transfers can be booked in advance or on arrival. Tienda León runs shuttle buses from Ezeiza Airport to its base in Puerto Madero (12 blocks from FIUBA) with regular departures every 30 minutes between Ezeiza Buenos Aires airport, Jorge Newbery Buenos Aires airport and their main office in downtown Buenos Aires (1299 E. Madero Av.). The trip takes about 50 minutes.

Different means to get to the Conference venue (FIUBA)

Buenos Aires has a large, efficient public transport network, almost 40,000 licensed taxis, a hop-on, hop-off sightseeing bus, and a vast network of cycle lanes. BA Cómo llego? (How do I get there?) is an online map and downloadable app that can help you find the best way to get from A to B in the city, whether on public transport, by car or on foot. Simply input your starting point, your destination and choose how you want to travel, and the map will suggest the best routes. Use the map on the website or download the app.


  • Public transport:

- Bus lines: 4,8, 20, 33, 61, 62, 64, 74, 86, 93, 103, 111, 129, 130, 143, 152, 159, 195

- Subway: (i) C line: you reach Independencia station and walk 8 blocks straight through Independencia Avenue. (ii) A line: you reach Bolivar station and walk 8 blocks straight through Paseo Colón Avenue. (iii) D line: you reach Catedral station and also walk 8 blocks straight through Paseo Colón Avenue. See the subway map with the marked conference venue to get a better perspective.

To travel by bus or subte (underground metro) in Buenos Aires, you'll need to get a rechargeable SUBE travel card and charge it with credit. SUBE cards are available at subte stations, at our eight Tourist Assistance Centers and at many "kioskos" (corner shops selling confectionary and tobacco) throughout the city. To find your nearest point of sale, the SUBE website has a map of SUBE vendors.


  • Taxi

Buenos Aires has licensed black and yellow taxis and in busy areas, you're unlikely to wait for more than a couple of minutes for one. Often the most comfortable way to get from A to B, they can be flagged down directly off the street on the right-hand side - you can tell if one is available if the ‘libre’ (free) sign is lit up in the windscreen. Licensed taxis run on meters, and fares are exclusively in Argentine pesos (ARS $). Private hire taxis called remises can be booked in advance through agencies, and you can also book regular taxis using the city government's mobile e-hailing app BA Taxi, available for Android and iPhone.


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